Animal Experimentation Should Be Banned

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Animal Testing Animal experimentation has been used to test different chemicals in the cosmetic industry. These type of experiments have been banned in many places but are still occurring in countries such as Canada, United States, and Australia (Cole). Thousands of mice, pigs, rats, and rabbits die every year in the United States alone. In this paper, I argue that animal experimentation should be banned all over the world because it’s unreliable, cruel, and there are other options for testing Animal testing will not always be reliable. Testing on an animal instead of a human can be different in safety, performance, or possible reactions that cosmetic products or ingredients could have in a person (Cole). For example, animals won’t react to certain medication or drugs the same way humans do. This test can explain that animal and human reactions can be completely different. Since animal testing will not always be reliable, they are still being treated cruelly in the experimentation. An example of cruel punishment would be applying soap to the back of an animals skin to see if there is a reaction. Many other tests are ran on animals whcih include; eye irritation tests, acute oral toxicity tests, developmental toxicity test, etc. Companies use this different types of test to study if any of the chemicals or ingredients will affect the creature. Running test like these can not only ruin the animals skin it can also cause side effects or even lead to death.…
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