Animal Experimentation Should Be Banned

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“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” - Mahatma Gandhi. These famous words still ring true in today’s society as we struggle to overcome the scientific experimentation on animals. Animals have acted as the archstone of human civilization since the dawn of man, from a source of food, to companionship. However, in the past century, we have been blurring the line between environmental entitlement and environmental rape. Every member of the human race interacts and depends on animals, and we owe them a certain level of respect in our society. Animal Experimentation should be banned in all forms within the borders of the United States; prohibited under an expansion of the Animal Welfare Act. This paper will explore the problems, causes and solutions pertaining to animal experimentation. This is a relevant issue in the United States, where animals are inhumanely used for experimentation in both medical and cosmetic industries. The cosmetic industry puts defenseless animal through painful experiments for the luxury of their products. The Indian Journal of Pharmacology states that: “In the USA millions of animals were used in procedures that caused more than momentary pain or pain/distress, while 84,000 were used in studies that would cause pain or distress that would not be relieved by anesthesia.” (Badyal, Dinesh; Desai, Chetna). These numbers are staggering, and be eye opening to the fact that the American cosmetic industry is harming…
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