Animal Experimentation Should Be Legal

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Do you, your children, or your pet get vaccinations? Do you use household products? Do you use men or women beauty products? Do you use over the counter medicines? For most people the answer to these questions is yes. Though these items would not have been marketed had they not been tested on dogs, cats, and other animals. Scientists have used animals for experiments since the beginning of time. Animal experimentation has been the topic of debate for many years. The debate is deciding whether it is morally or ethically worth the health and life of animals to save the lives of humans. Opponents of animal experimentation argue it is cruel and unnecessary to use animals and that other alternatives should be used. Even though, animal experiments have contributed to providing society with great medical advances, like vaccinations. Without animal experimentation the safety of new treatments, chemicals, and products for human use cannot be determined. Animal research not only benefits humans, but animals as well. Animal experimentations are necessary in order for scientist to advance in the knowledge about diseases, illnesses, as well as develop treatments, cures, and test medical devices.
Animal experiments have been a part of biomedical research for hundreds of years. Beginning with Aristotle, (384-322 BC) and Erasistratus, (034-258 BC) to Galen (129-19/217 AD), experiments were widely done on live animals, called vivisection, to discover the functions of living organisms and to…
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