Animal Experimentation Should Be Used For Research

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For several years, supporters and scientists have been arguing about whether the practice of animals research should be used. Many people believe animals are needed for research, while others think it is not fair for animals to be sacrificed and treated poorly during research. Animals used for research has bettered many human lives by new discoveries and advantages. Many people such as doctors, scientists, hospitals, research institutes use animal research to view how the human body works and to advance in scientific understanding. The first animal experiment started in the UK in the late 17th century with Harvey’s experiments on several species to demonstrate blood circulation. Even greek physicians such as Aristotle and Erasistratus has performed experiments on living things between the years 384-322 BC and 304-258 BC.
Animal experimentation should still be used for research because it has greatly benefited many human lives that has been saved making all the animal testing worth it.
Animal experimentation have been used for testing and developing new ways for disease treatments. Many scientist believe they share the same disease as humans such as high blood pressure, cancer and lots of other common diseases. Cancer is one of the treatments that have been developed by animal testing. Due to Animal testing, survival cancer has doubled in last 40 years, reducing thousands of people dying quicker and giving them the time to spend it with their love ones. Without animal…
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