Animal Experimentation Should Not Be Banned

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There is failure in not spreading information more wisely. Fact is most people ignore or do not know the real meaning about animal experimentation. Animal experimentation is the use of animals, mostly monkeys, on research. Reason being as to why monkeys is because monkeys are far more intelligent than other animals. Animals are stripped from the environment and are tested on so scientists can make products safe for humans. The big problem is that it is inhumane. Animal experimentation should and needs to be stopped because it is cruel, unethical, and not reliable. Having scientists test on animals is cruel. The truth is that humans are sometimes are abusive to animals or pets in general almost every day. But in this case animals like monkeys and rats are being locked in cages for quite some time. Scientists inject animals with different substances to see and record everything that happens. They test to see how it affects them or if it will kill them. Scientists test the products so that they are safe for humans to use such as medicine, toothpaste, hair care products, and make-up. Past research during 1983 describes about an accident that occurred at the University of Pennsylvania that caused the project to be stopped. More than one hundred baboons endured severe head and brain damage because of a hydraulic that ended up hitting them (Wright & Hoagland, 2016, para. 4). So even in extreme cases the animals can get extremely hurt as well. If locking up animals…
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