Animal Experimentation : The End Of Animal Testing

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The experimentation of animals has been used for a multitude of years for research to advance a scientific understanding of a living organism. To this day animals are being tested on for the use of human products. In 3D-printing human skin: The end of animal testing? by Jessica Mendoza, Speculative Philosophy, the Troubled Middle, and the Ethics of Animal Experimentation by Strachan Donnelley, “Animals and Medical Science: A Vision of a New Era” by David O. Wiebers, Cruelty-free cosmetics benefit consumers as well as animals by The Sydney Morning Herald, and Technological Alternatives Can End the Experimental Use of Animals by George Dvorsky, show how Animal experimentation is redundant and needs to be diminished because there are…show more content…
Testing on humans, they have the ability to confirm consent and can withdraw if they feel uncomfortable with the effects of the experiment, however, animals do not have these options. Technology is developing every day to provide more methods for research even within the cosmetic field. Cruelty-free cosmetic brands are an advancement that will better the safety of animals and people. To exemplify, the Sydney Morning Herald states that, “It’s very difficult to work out the health hazards of synthetic hair dyes, sunscreens and preservatives using animal tests” (Page 1). Products used on animals will get different outcomes compared to humans. A product that is made for a human needs to be tested on a human to get accurate results. Testing products on an animal can have certain chemicals that humans can withstand while it can harm the animal. People do not go around using animal products on themselves because of the reactions they can get from them. Additionally, in the text, 3D-printing human skin: The end of animal testing, “bioprinted tissues could also make product testing cheaper and more accurate, cutting down the need for tests on animals” (Mendoza 1). Cosmetic lines are taking the initiative to produce products with no intentions of testing on animals. With the worry people have with side effects of products on human trials; scientists want to see where the options of technology can
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