Animal Farm, 1984 and John F. Kennedy

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Kennedy had once said, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” This erudite quote is saying that people often conform to things and due to their conformity they not able to have their own thoughts or opinions. John F. Kennedy has a great percipience of life and mankind; if you follow others, you are doing only what others want, therefore you impede your own growth. Throughout Animal Farm and 1984 both by George Orwell, this is seen by the use of motifs, characterization and symbolism.
In Animal Farm, George Orwell uses motifs and characterization to demonstrate how conformity can take ones freedom away and stop them from expressing their own ideas. The “Beasts of England” song is a great example of a motif that’s supports John F. Kennedy’s quote. In Animal Farm, this song and many other songs/slogans act as propaganda. This song keeps the spirit of rebellion in their hearts and makes them feel like everything is better without the humans’ rule. It blinds the animals into feeling that they have freedom while they do arduous tasks on the farm. However later on, Napoleon bans the singing of the song. This proves that the animals’ freedom is lost and they cannot flourish. Though the use of characterization, George Orwell uses Clover to substantiate Kennedy’s quote. Clover is a female cart-horse who saw that the Pigs were acting poorly and manipulating all the animals, but she wasn’t smart enough to fight for justice. Although she wasn’t intelligent…

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