Animal Farm Animal Control

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Control, lies, and terror. These words describe the Animal Farm under Napoleon’s rule. This 1945 book was based on the Russian revolution and used animals revolting against their owner to describe events that took place in the real life rebellion. Napoleon has proven himself a similar tyrant to Jones by acting controlling toward the animals, living the same lifestyle, and breaking his agreements.
When Napoleon took leadership during the revolt against Farmer Jones, the power went straight to his head, and that started reflecting how he treated the animals after they took over the farm. Napoleon's actions were like a mirror; it reflected how Jones treated the animals before. It even came to the extent of taking away a tradition that animals keep dear to their heart because it shows honor and dignity. According to page 38 of “Animal Farm," By George Orwell, “ a special decree of Comrade Napoleon, Beast of England has been abolished. From now onwards it was forbidden to sing it.” For Napoleon to gain more power he needed to take away something that the animals honor to show he is the leader now, but if that song were never stated, most of the animals would not have been motivated to help revolt against Farmer Jones. Every day the animals were being forced to work, and if they did not, they would not get enough food to survive. The animals were being treated like Napoleon's servants, but the animals were too gullible to bypass Squealer’s lies. According to page 26 of
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