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Discussion 4 Animal Farm The lives of the animals on the farm are significant to the story-why? Consider Snowball and his roll throughout the story. Explain Snowballs role. The lives of the animals are significant to the story because they are the basis to which Orwell wrote the story to attack the idea of totalitarian communism. The many animals are based of different classes in Russian society and some off of leaders in Russia, like Snowball. Snowball, who is based on Leon Trotsky, is a dedicated idealist who puts all of his heart and body into spreading Animalism and in improving the farm’s structure. His role throughout the story is to lead Animal Farm. He serves as an example that you can’t eliminate corruption by electing…show more content…
Therefore: she had hard time adjusting to life on Animal Farm. She continues to wear bows, which is violating the one of the Seven Commandments. She eventually left the Animal Farm in exchange for comfort. Examine Orwell's tone when describing the way the animals think of themselves under Napoleon's rule: How does Orwell's tone add to the novel's humor? Under Napoleons rule the animals feel that they more important and that Napoleon actually care about them whereas he only cares about his own interests, but no one sees it. Animals think that whatever work they are doing is for their own benefit; Napoleon gives animals the chance to speak their minds on the seven commandments giving them satisfaction of being acknowledged. Orwell’s entire novel is based on a very serious crucial political idea, but the way Orwell uses animals to portray the entire Russian Revolution is commendable: animals running a farm on their own, conversing is nowhere near reality and that is what brings humor to the novel. Explain how the human characters contribute to the novel's themes and issues. The human characters contribute to the novels themes and issues as the novels starts off with Jones, the leader, having all the control over the farm and its depicted how he mistreats the animals and the injustice which was inflicted upon them. Exactly how
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