Animal Farm Boxer Essay

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Boxer is a fictional horse in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which is a satire of the Russian Revolution. Many characters allude to different groups or important people from this era, and this applies to Boxer as well. Boxer is a representation of the working class because of his qualities, personality, his role in the novel and his motto. Orwell expresses much criticism towards the character of Boxer because he lets Napoleon think for him. Boxer’s qualities directly relate to the Soviets working class due to his intelligence level. It is established that Boxer is not the most academic oriented animal in the farm as stated in the text, “Boxer could not get beyond the letter D” (Orwell, 33). The working class during this era were not given educational opportunities which prevented them from achieving a higher intelligence and better jobs in society. However, this is an is an enormous flaw in both parties because it allows someone like Stalin or Napoleon to take control over them and allow them not to think for themselves which happens in both Animal Farm and…show more content…
Boxer is shown working his hardest during the building of the windmill as stated in text, “He made arrangements with cockerel to call him three-quarters of an hour earlier in the mornings instead of half an hour” ( Orwell, 61). The windmill symbolize Stalin’s 5 year plans because they represent an attempt to industrialize at the price of grueling and long labour done by the working class or Boxer. The construction of the windmill could not be accomplished without the determination of Boxer like Stalin’s 5 year plans and the working class. These could not be accomplished without Boxer or the working class, which endure long and difficult hours in a failure of an attempt to move their societies forward. This show that some of the major plot point that involve Boxer; also relate to events that the Soviet working class had to
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