Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Katie Mecca Animal Farm The Russian Revolution in 1917 shows how a desperate society can be turned into a military superpower filled with terror and chaos. George Orwell uses his book, Animal Farm, to parallel this period of time in history. This book is an allegory of fascism and communism and the negative outcomes. The animals begin with great unity, working toward a common goal. The government then becomes corrupted by the temptations of power. George Orwell uses the characters in Animal Farm to show the evil and corruption that emerged out of fascism and communism during the Russian Revolution. Animal Farm’s main character, Napoleon, directly parallels the Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin. Both figures have corrupted a society into a brutal, terror filled, industrial nation. They have deprived the people of their rights, giving all the power to the government. When Stalin came into power in 1924 after the death of Lenin, he skillfully maneuvered his way around his opponents to become ruler. Napoleon and Snowball begin to rule after Old Major dies, Napoleon quickly manipulated Snowball into departing from the farm, leaving only himself to rule. Starting in the late 1920’s, Stalin begins his term with 5-year plans that begin transforming the nation into a military superpower. This is shown in the book when Napoleon appoints hard labor, such as constructing the windmill, to all the animals and begins taking portions of food away from them. Stalin gradually becomes more

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