Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Animal Farm In George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm was based on a political allegory based on Orwell’s experience in the Revolution. The characters in the novel were based on those whom Orwell knew. Throughout the book, my understandings of the three characters Boxer, Mollie and Napoleon were of different personalities. There were a lot of conflicts both internal and external and the author used elements of satire to blend politics and art. To me the book was giving a fair idea of how the powerful and intelligent life treated the low and unintelligent ones. The setting of Animal Farm was in England and the different animals that were used to symbolize persons from the Spanish Civil War in the book were mainly pigs, horses and dogs etc. The novel basically tells the story of a group of animals who were ruled by pigs. Firstly, Boxer one of the two horses in the farm that was a strong, loyal and dedicated cart horse. He always showed devotion towards the farm and his strength was a great asset to the Rebellion. In addition Boxer was of great support of everything said by Napoleon. As soon as Boxer heard of the Animalism that was taking place, he made sure he was a part of the Rebellion. After the Rebellion, Snowball wrote The Seven Commandments on the walls, and then the pigs started to learn how to read and write, along with the animals that started to learn the alphabet. Boxer was not an intelligent animal recalling his inability to learn any of the…

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