Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Life is grief when the goal we are striving toward suddenly crush, and our weakness and frailty lead us to have no hope to get any result from the long period of time working. We always say to people, do not let anyone get you down, but in real life, people get easily depressed because they did not achieve their goals. In Animal Farm, Orwell gives a picture of those hardworking animals work for the windmill. They pinch and screw in order to save more outlay for building the windmill. However, the windmill is destroyed by human. And this pain is known only by those real trier. There is no guarantee of outcomes for those animals to work hard for the windmills. Orwell alludes the audience that human weakness to be unable to secure favorable outcomes. Since animals did not gain the outcome they expected to get, one of the strongest worker, Boxer is very grieved and angry about human so that he stands up for all of the animals. Boxer yelled to Squealer, “But they have destroyed the windmill. And we had worked on it for two years!”(Orwell 105) Boxer is despairing about the destruction of the windmill. He has worked it for two years, but it is destroyed in one second. “Two years” is a long period of working time. Day after day those animals wait for the outcome of this windmill. One of the frailties of human nature is laziness. Even though these animals beat laziness, the outcome is still not what they want, and this is indeed sorrowful. The even sorrowful thing is that Squealer,

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