Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Animal farm, the counterparts to many revolutions George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm corresponds to the Russian Revolution of 1917. According the Orwell, this novel was written to personify the Russian revolution and the Role of Joseph Stalin, the Former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the soviet. Orwell decided to use Animals in his novel “Animal Farm” to critic the roles of the significant individual involved during the Russian Revolution of 1917-1923. The novel animal farm was also published to express Orwell’s beliefs on Stalin’s reign and the effect it had on the Russian citizens and communities. However, animal farm can also relate to other revolutionary wars in history; like world war I and world war II. In the novel Animal Farm, many animals were portrayed as figure head during the Russian Revolutionary war of 1917. For instance, Old Major, whom was an old prize White boar, symbolized Lenin whom was the communism leader of the Russian revolution before Stalin—one of the significant followers of Communism. According to Orwell, this old white boar was a wise thinker and often shared his beliefs and words of wisdom with the other animals on the farm. Old Major believed that Mr. Jones was the cause of the animal’s starvation and overworked issue on the farm. Therefore, Old Major believed that once Mr. Jones and the other men were removed from the farm, hunger and overworking farm animals would be abolished and he animals will get…

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