Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Individual rights Sometimes taking control can corrupt people and make them do selfish acts or make decisions the people don’t want. It might even bring about an argument or revolt from someone or a crowd. Whatever the case, it is never good to be possessive or something or someone when they want to make their own choices and decisions because they have the right to. An example of a story that shows how power can corrupt people is Animal Farm by George Orwell. He uses the character from the story to symbolize the historical figures from the Russian Revolution. This Revolution had two separate events called the February and October Revolution. In the February revolution, Tsar Nicholas II was removed from power after being selfish and greedy leader to his citizens. The October revolution, however was a much more different event and was led by the Bolsheviks realize who began building support within petrograd and other Urban centers. After, the Bolsheviks realize they couldn’t maintain too much power and abandoned the democratic process, they declared themselves representatives of a dictatorship of the proletariat. Based on the use of symbolism and characterization in Animal Farm, Orwell argues that in society, people should stand up for their own rights and protect themselves from leaders who think have more power or control than them. By using symbolism to compare the historical figures from the russian revolution to the animals in animal farm, Orwell contends that in

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