Animal Farm By George Orwell

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The Russian Revolution in 1917 was portrayed in Animal Farm, to show how the government is more unequal, totalitarian and brutal just like presently. Animal Farm is created by George Orwell, who displays this story as a ridicule, teaches a lesson by showing the dangers of propaganda, and uses animals to hide the original individuals. During the Revolution, Russians had lost hope in Czar Nicholas II due to his rampant behavior and how the government was slowing separating; therefore, he had a short-term. The Bolshevik 's was a political party led by Vladimir Lenin who had led a revolution, successfully overthrown the Czarist regime and set up the new government. After Lenin 's death, a bitter battle with Joseph Stalin who was head of the Communist Party and Leon Trotsky follower of Marxist theory had formed. Stalin gains control over the government and the country falls under totalitarianism. This dystopian novella is used by having disputable characters and shows the risks of abusing language and power. In this book, George Orwell illustrates how his characters are involved in manipulation that leads to unfairness and corruption. Orwell exemplifies how Napoleon is an allegorical character named Joseph Stalin, who banishes Leon Trotsky created as Snowball; due to his animosity toward him. Napoleon is seen at first to be a good leader, but he is eventually taken over by greed. "They dashed straight for Snowball, who only sprang from his place just in time to

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