Animal Farm By George Orwell

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In the book Animal Farm, Orwell tried to get many points across to his readers with his novel. One of his goals in this book was to portray the Russian Revolution of which resulted in a totalitarian, and more deadly government than the government of which had been overthrown. In doing this, Orwell made his characters parallel to those of which played major roles throughout the Russian Revolution. For example, Manor Farm represents Russia, while Snowball, Old Major, and Napoleon represent the leading figures of the Russian Revolution. Mr. Jones, the farmer that was overthrown by the animals, represents Tsar Nicholas II, that was the last Russian Emperor, of which was also overthrown by his people. During Nicholas’ reign to power, his people…show more content…
Before Old Major can see the results of his revolution, he dies just as Lenin did during the Russian Revolution. One of Lenin’s closest allies was Leon Trotsky who also followed Marx’s views on communism. Trotsky’s part in the book is played by Snowball, who also felt that revolutions were required to achieve their ultimate “utopia” if you will. Snowball leads the army of animals that revolt against Mr. Jones representing Trotsky’s leading of Lenin’s Red Army after he died. Snowball was chased off of the farm by Napoleon, who, like Joseph Stalin valued power. Snowball was working for a change, like Stalin creating a five-year plan to save Russia’s industry.
Another point that I believe Orwell wanted to get across with this book, is that power corrupts people…. Or animals. Absolute power will absolutely corrupt; we see this as soon as the pigs become the same thing they were fighting when they gathered together. The pigs started off as the ruling class, having little power and as the animals saw that the pigs having power had positive effects, the animals all gave full respect to the pigs. After a short period of this respect and power, the pigs’ privilege to control or rule the large group increased their thirst for power. The pigs were then corrupted by the power and, as stated previously, the pigs turned into the exact thing that they were revolting against. Another example in history of power corrupting an
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