Animal Farm By George Orwell

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The ninety-five page novella, Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. Aimed at teenagers and adults, it cleverly shows the flaws within society and how we will never change. This timeless classic was converted into an hour and ten minute long film (in 1954) which is suitable and supposedly appealing to young children.

However, the conversion between the novella and the cartoon meant having to cut down and alter some of the storyline and characters within the novella to suit this age range but at the same time, trying not to lose the basic structure of the novella and the messages given out by George Orwell throughout the book.

I felt that on a whole, the cartoon version of 'Animal Farm ' did not maintain the textual integrity to the novella. However, you find that this is the case with most films that have been converted from books. Although the basic storyline of the novella was suitable for children, the meaning behind it was beyond the understanding of this age range. I feel that the producers took on a very hard task to try and convert this high standard novella into a film for all ages.

The purpose of the novella was clear, it is a piece of political satire, mainly concerning the Russian Revolution. I did not feel however, that this came across in the film in any way. The film was clearly aimed at children, as the simplicity of the converted storyline was obvious. Although they kept to the basic structure of the novella, I felt that they did not successfully altar
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