Animal Farm, By George Orwell, Uses Real World Examples

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Animal Farm, by George Orwell, uses real world examples to link a specific purpose to the unfortunate society. This novel is relevant to the world because in today’s society. Power is often misused and abused. Today’s world if full of scandals by people misusing funds, abuse of power, and taking advantage of the innocent.. To link this novel even more to the real word, Orwell compares Animal Farm to the Russian revolution, which leads to symbols throughout this novel. Authors today are extremely different from Orwell. Some of the symbolic meanings are the barn, the windmill, the Russian revolution, the seven commandments, and the battle of the cowshed, with a multitude of more. In the novel Animal Farm, George Orwell incorporates three…show more content…
Raymond Williams states, “Yet Orwell was at the same time deeply moved by what he saw of avoidable or remediable suffering and poverty, and he was convinced that the means of remedy are social, involving commitment, involving association,and, to the degree that he was serious, involving himself”(15). Animal Farm also displays that too much power can corrupt anybody. Sparknotes Editors explains: On Animal Farm, however, as was in the case in the Russian Revolution, power is quickly consolidated in the hands of those who devise, maintain, and participate in the running of society- the intelligentsia. This class of Russians and their allies quickly turned the Communist Party toward totalitarianism, an event mirrored in Animal Farm by the gradual assumption of power by the pigs. When Major’s theory Animalism is put in place, the pigs began to take over. Orwell gives two significant symbolic figures to symbolize the animal revolution. First, is the victims of the battle. The two victims were in control of the area. In Animal Farm, Mr. Jones is brutally attacked and they pigs put him out. The animals use their power to rename the farm, Animal Farm. They also became leader due to their intelligence. Last but certainly not least, is the culture of each parties. The previous parties had the characteristics of socialism. Critics point out
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