Animal Farm Chapter 11 Summary

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The animal farm chapter 11

As molly and her pups watch as napoleon and his army of pigs take complete control of the farm. Searching and killing any animals that stands in their way or not on any side of the war. The last of the survivors is Mollie and her pup’s. While hiding under the barn in a secret hideout. The stairs to get there are blocked with feed bags and straw. Other than the animals down there, no one knows where it is not even jones himself. Molly and her pups heard that the pigs were looking for rebels. They sat there waiting for the noise of the pigs to calm down, so Mollie’s pups could soon fall asleep. They woke up in need of food. They knew that they need to find a way to get food and not be seen by napoleon or his army. All of the food is in the main house. Molly and the pup’s came up with the plan using one of the pups as a decoy to lour Neapolitan out of the house so they started taking down the feed and stray off the stairs. As they start to run in and snatch some food for them to eat, and at least satisfy their stomach. One out of the nine puppies, bonnie, ran to the window where everyone was and shouted. “For the rebels” said Bonnie.
All at once all of the pigs including napoleon ran out after her. The
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It took about five minutes for the dust to clear. When it did Neapolitan was underneath snowball dead. A month later the animals starving from a shortage of food, mousse the raven brought word of a new family’s arrival. As the raven flew off into the distance you could hear the faint sound of a car coming to a halt. The new family is here. The get the family to notice them. The little girl named Katie ran over there to see the dogs. They took them to the messy house were they walked past the burnt down barn. Mollie and her pups have a new family and snowball is the new leader of the barn
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