Animal Farm - Character Analysis- Boxer the Horse Essay

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Empathy can be defined as ‘the power of identifying oneself mentally and emotionally with a person or object’. When reading novels, we are able to relate to some characters through similar experiences and emotions and so these characters often invite our understanding and empathy. In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, Boxer the horse invites our empathy. We empathise with Boxer and the way in which the pig Napoleon, the leader of Animal Farm, takes advantage of his good-natured personality and manipulates him into following all orders. Boxer is unaware of the fact that he is being taken advantage of and that Napoleon has forced him into being the main labourer in the long, strenuous construction of the windmill. Despite his apparent …show more content…

Despite this injury and the fact that animals’ morale had been shattered, Boxer began hard work again and refused to take a day off. Boxer only had one aspiration left which was to see the windmill well into action before it was time for him to retire. Another example of Boxer’s strong personality in times of hardship is the night in which the executions of the animals that admitted to having been deceitful to their fellow comrades by taking Snowball’s side took place and Boxer stated that to overcome the faults amongst the farm’s animals, he was going to work harder. By now the responder clearly realises that the strong relationship between Boxer and Napoleon is obviously a negative one. It saddens the responder and invites their empathy to find Boxer to be so oblivious to what is going on around him and at the same time his level of incomprehension creates a feeling of slight frustration in a sympathetic type of sense. A strong feeling of dislike is formed towards Napoleon as he so easily controls Boxer, forcing him to do such tough, punishing labour as he is aware that Boxer is extremely loyal to his superiors and happily prepared to complete all set tasks. Boxer and the other animals fall victim to the pigs’ cunning ways, but besides the easily convinced sheep and Boxer, the other animals are aware of this but are too frightened or cowardly to put a stop to it, for fear of being accused of treachery and then executed. Boxer also shares a strong

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