Animal Farm Character Analysis

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In the novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, there is one very particular character whose pride and selfishness creates problems. This character had just merely good ideas in the beginning. However, as time went on, his true self-interest began to shine through. This character started a free republic of animals and turned it into a plantation that used animals as slaves. He never did have enough and always wanted more, regardless of the price that others had to pay. This character whose pride and selfishness creates problems, is none other than the great leader of Animal Farm himself, comrade Napolean [Napoleon], the pig. Comrade Napolean is a powerful authority on Animal Farm. In fact he is the leader of Animal Farm and a high strung…show more content…
Snowball was a great teacher for the animals, and now that he was gone, they lacked education. Then with finally only half of the fields being productive for food, the animals starved even more and worked harder to make beer that they never saw. Not to mention that they had to sleep on a dirt floor while the lazy Napolean slept in his nice comfortable bed. His selfishness had deffinately created problems. Napolean’s experience had changed the farm drastically. He thought things were getting better while the animals knew they were only getting worse. After the rebellion, many humans disliked Animal Farm and the animals disliked humans. Nopoleans’s selfish ways were much like those of a farmer. So eventually as Napolean became more “human,” the town’s people began to like him. Napolean could care less about his animals, just so long as he was on good terms with the humans. By the novel’s end, Napolean is great friends with every human in town. However, his animal slaves are no longer happy as they once were. They still hate humans which means now, they hate Napolean. So due to Napolean’s pride, the story has changed its ways from start to finish. He has turned friends into foe and foe into friends, but at great cost. In the novel, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, Comrade Napolean is a character whose pride and selfishness creates problems. The starving animals have suffered greatly because of their leader’s pride. On the

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