Animal Farm Equality

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“All animals are equal” (11). That’s what the animal residents on the human-free farm in the book Animal Farm, by George Orwell (Eric Blair), would like to believe. While it is a positive slogan, by the end of the book this has completely failed. Based of off the Russian Revolution, this is meant to be an example of what terrible things could happen when someone unfair takes over, by clearly displaying the power struggles that the animals face when trying to keep everything equal for everyone. In the novel Animal Farm, the author demonstrates how total equality between different classes of people is not possible because of the societal need for a leader, the varying intelligence of everyone in a society, and different people's levels of self-importance.…show more content…
For the most part, intelligence determined the class ranking on the farm. The smarter animals were typically in charge, while the dumber animals focused themselves on manual labour. Since some animals are naturally dumber than the others, they can be easily taken advantage of. An example of this can also be found on page 47, “It had come to be accepted that the pigs, who were manifestly cleverer than the other animals, should decide all questions of farm policy, though their decisions had to be ratified by a majority vote”. This example depicts how the pigs started their ascent to power, and how they continued to spread inequality throughout the farm. Only the pigs would ever put out ideas to be voted on, so they could control the future of the farm. The other animals thought it best for the pigs to be in charge, because they were the smartest. The pigs, if they wanted to be fair and equal, would have let all of the animals to give ideas to be voted on, instead of just letting ideas come from their own little group. This is how the pigs were taking advantage of the animals, by letting the rest of the animals think that pigs should be in charge, and that it was the right thing to do. They also spread around the idea that thinking about these ideas was hard work, so they would bend the rules to make themselves the happiest, with no regard to what the rules…show more content…
Someone, or some pig in the case of Animal Farm, who thinks they are better than everyone else will try to get to a position of power of leadership, so other people will see that too. A good example can be found on page 95, “The general feeling on the farm was well expressed in a poem titled, Comrade Napoleon… Napoleon approved of the poem and caused it to be inscribed on the wall of the big barn, at the opposite end from the Seven Commandments. It was surmounted by a portrait of Napoleon, in profile, executed by Squealer in white paint”. This bit of text displays Napoleon’s large ego and how that affected the way he ruled the farm. Napoleon thinks he is better than everyone else as a leader and as a pig, so he decided to try and get all the other animals to worship him and the pigs. This explains why as a leader he was always putting his interests and well-being
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