Animal Farm Essay Questions

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Animal Farm Essay Questions 1. In Animal Farm, Squealer is the propagandist. Using at least three scenes, show how his ability to use language well affects the events in the novel. Without Squealer, Napoleon’s power would not have been so strong. Squealer is a very intelligent persuasive pig who can easily make excuses to explain to the other animals for Napoleon’s doings. For example, when the pigs were discovered drinking all the milk and eating the apples. Quickly, Squealer came up with a reasonable explanation, “It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples. Do you know what would happen if we pigs failed in our duty? Jones would come back!” (Orwell 31). Squealer convinces the other animals that thy need the pigs…show more content…
Use at least three examples from the reading as evidence. Some of the animals on the farm, Boxer and the sheep, are oblivious to the concept of reading and writing. An intelligent, educated populace is necessary for a good government to work because the fact that they’re unable to learn and expand their brain is so hard for them is bag for the rebellion because they will immediately do whatever they are told to do. Boxer, a strong, hardworking, unitelligent horse is a great example of someone who could negatively affect a society. “Boxer could not get past the letter D” (Orwell 28). This is upsetting and bad for a government because Boxer agrees to all of the rules that are established and works harder than anyone, just because Napoleon tells him he is the most important. This could be bad because Boxer can easily get manipulated by someone looking for power. A diligent horse like Boxer can easily get manipulated and over pushed. Boxer gets up an hour earlier then all the other animals so he can work more by himself. “‘Boxer has fallen! He is lying on his side and can’t get up?’” (Orwell 105). It shows that an uneducated populace won’t result in a good government because without Boxer, the farm can’t work as efficient and as hard as they did before. The seven commandments are very basic and are the ground rules of the farm. “It was also found that the stupider animals , such as
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