Animal Farm Essay on Utopia

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“THE UTOPIAN DREAM, WHILE NOBLE, IS SHORT SIGHTED BECAUSE IT FAILS TO ACCOUNT FOR THE FLAWS IN HUMAN NATURE.” George Orwell's allegorical novel ‘Animal Farm’ demonstrates the rapid shift from hopeful Utopian Dream, to reproachful dystopian nightmare as a result of fundamental flaws in human nature, such as avarice, selfishness and the thirst for power over others. In the novel, the animals are promised a better life if they revolt and institute the system of Animalism, then they are promised a better life if they build the windmill and, if all else fails, the raven promises a better afterlife on ‘Sugarcandy Mountain’. However, the animals ultimately never achieve their utopia because of the avaricious and power-hungry nature of Napoleon…show more content…
The resigned apathy and passivity of some of the animals allows for faster erosion of the dream of equality and allows for the pigs to maintain the power that wasn’t rightfully theirs. A typical example of general passivity towards the pigs actions was Benjamin, the old donkey. Having knowledge of the pig's hypocrisy, Benjamin consciously decided against actions of rebellion against the pigs, instead resigning himself to the fact that he could not help the situation. After Boxer’s death, Clover is so emotionally destroyed by his sudden disappearance that she ceases to do anything. In accepting his death as the pigs tell her, she is being passive and not searching for her own conclusions, even though she had doubts about it. It these, plus many more examples of passivity towards the pig’s reign, that concludes in the animals having to forfeit any hope of the once so real, Utopian Dream. Animal Farm is the story of the animals that rebel against their master in order to achieve their dream of a utopian society. The book opens in an optimistic mood as Old Major in his speech describes a simple, natural farm in which all the animals are free and equal. But gradually this energetic and positive mood disappears, as the animals’ difficulties become progressively
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