Animal Farm George Orwell Analysis

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Animal Farm is a book by George Orwell that was released in the year 1945. At this point in history, World War Two was coming to an end. Due to the use of a communistic government of Manor Farm, this book reflects the dictatorships that occurred during this war. Orwell makes sure to hence the corruption and spread his ideas to the reader through events that occur on the farm. In this essay, Why I Write, which was released a year after Animal Farm, described Orwell’s inspiration for his book. In this essay, he stated that one of the reasons for writing this book is ‘historical impulse’ (“George Orwell”). This is a motive that shows events for what they are, not what they are hidden to be. He also states that this book was meant to be politically biased (“George Orwell”). It can be seen that Orwell did not approve of the multiple dictatorships that arose in his time. Orwell was very much ‘anti-totalitarian’ and the pigs were the exact image of totalitarian on Manor Farm. Of his assortment of writings, he defends this same political view. In order to spread this message, he had an excessive use of symbolism and also used allegories (“Literary Devices and Literary Terms - The Complete List”). The government the animals used, “Animalism”, was created to represent the communist and totalitarian governments that Orwell despises . This form of government was defined in the book to the animals and reader, as it turns out it very closely resembles communism. Within World War Two,
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