Animal Farm: Innocents or Lying for Power

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Having read the book “Animal Farm” I thought it was a good book with a lot of similarities that I could tie it in with reality. I also thought the author explained behavior very nicely. During this book lots of things happen that are much like reality, like tyrants, fake power, and lots of lying. To start off I will tell you about the main characters, and second what they will accomplish during their time in animal farm. I will also discuss what they want whether they're innocent or they lie to be in power. This book is about many characters mostly animals. There are six main characters, these being first Old Major; an old pig that has won many contests and is favored by Jones. Second is Jones, the man who ran Manor Farm before the…show more content…
Then there's Jones the previous owner of the farm that was like any other farmer and just wanted to make a profit. But sadly last is the animals like Boxer who just want to live their lives wanting freedom and justice. In general the main group of animals want to build the windmill and work little too not at all. The pigs on the other hand want to take over the farm. There are a few thing that keep the animals from getting what they want. The things that keep the animals from getting freedom is mainly Napoleon and the pigs. An example of this is the pigs keep changing the commandment and ruling over the animals . They do this by taking on human attributes like walking and drinking whisky. Another thing that keeps the animals from this is the humans, the humans are constantly trying to take over the farm. How do the animals get what they want? First I will start with the pigs, the pigs get what they want towards the beginning of the book when they first drive off Jones. After they drove him away they almost immediately take command of the situation by telling the other animals what to do. It gets worse when Napoleon takes over because he has more of a temper and always gets his way. On the bright side the normal animals eventually get their freedom at the start of the rebellion when they first chase out Jones, but this freedom is later abolished when there start to be executions and when the pigs start to act more like humans. The animals
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