Animal Farm Institutions

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Institutions play a huge role in society. Whether one realizes it or not, everything our society is and does is because of the institutions that are set up. In “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, Napoleon, the dictatorial ambassador of Animal Farm, uses his different forms of manipulation to introduce different types of institutions. A few of the institutions he set up are: the ideology of Animalism, family, the judicial system (dogs/pigs) etc… However, the institutions I will talk about are: the community, media and propaganda, labor, and education.
One of the most influential institutions is the educational system and in “Animal Farm” the education is deeply corrupted. One of the ways Napoleon messed up the animal’s education was by telling them that “Learning and educating oneself is not prohibited”. Napoleon never intended for the other animals to become intelligent; he wanted them to stay in their ignorance. Telling the animals they can’t learn is only one example of how he messes up the education on Animal Farm. The second way he messes up education is by separating the animals based on their “intelligence”. The way Napoleon set the educational institution up is so that there is a significant
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In the beginning of the book, while Old Major was still alive, the animals were a knit tight community. They had meetings, they sang the “Beasts of England” together, and family has an intrinsic value on Animal Farm as well. Napoleon changes the idea of community; he stops the animals from having meetings and makes them stop singing the “Beasts of England”. He violates the core value of family by taking the dogs nine puppies and turns them into ravenous killing dogs. Napoleons corruption of the community is so bad that the animals begin to lie about meeting with Snowball just so they can be killed; they felt life on Animal Farm was that bad that they basically commit
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