Animal Farm : Significance Of Language

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Kunj Shah Ms. Pang English 10, Period 5 8 Nov. 2016 Animal Farm: Significance of Language Language is a powerful tool. It is a means of universal communication and allows for people of all different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds, to come to a mutual sense of understanding. However, with great power, comes great responsibility. Words have the power to create both good, and bad. Given with the right emphasis and emotional touch, certain words, phrases, and sentences have the potential to persuade and move an audience to think or do something in a certain way rather than another. In George Orwell’s, Animal Farm, a group of farm animals are manipulated and exploited by a group of selfish and egotistical pigs. Orwell includes euphemisms, ad nauseam, ad hominem, and appeal to fear. Using their words to instill the feelings of hopelessness and fear in the rest of the animals, the pigs are easily able to control their every action. Their choice and use of words heavily impact the way the animals think causing them to be easily persuaded, enslaved, and used to the pig’s advantage. At the very beginning of the book, Napoleon seems to shows no care in what the animals do and gives Snowball the leadership role and also a public speaker/inspirational speaker role. Napoleon is seen as to the other animals "not much of a talker, but with a reputation for getting his own way…" (Orwell 16). This foreshadows Napoleon 's future behavior because later on in the novel, he takes on more
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