Animal Farm Subvesive Events

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Impact of Subvesive events

From: Dhriti keshwani (reporter)
To: Ms. Saloni (reader)
October, 7, 2015

“Revolution is a key step for change” This quote was illustrated in the book name “Animal Farm” written by George orwell. An allegorical and satirical novella based on how the Animals get rights from humans. They run the farm, only to have it break down into a violent/difficult very bad treatment of its own. There are many complications which take place and it creates huge conflict or major event. Compare to it revolution is something “an end of government or social order, in favour for new system”. In commencement Russia was ruled by the cruel Czar Nicholas II. First the major event of Russian Revolution was the February Revolution
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Same itself the common people protest for satisfying their basic needs, get equal rights. Czar Nicholas II was overthrown in a conflict and Lenin to over the power. In the novella the manager of farm Mr. Jones (cruel and disrespect towards animals) was also chased out from animal farm in the battle of Cow-shed. In Animal Farm they implement many changes, the major change are trading with humans to fund, the cleverest pigs break more and more commandments such as “No animal shall sleep on beds” which changed to “No animals shall sleep on beds with sheets”. Therefore this shows that the pig has power and they are trying to hide the truth, however there is discrimination within the animals in the farm. In Russian revolution the Sea change in the way goods and services were advertised in the country. This depicts that the change is equivalent to each other as the animals are trading with humans, which is drastic change as they are going against the rules and regulation. Whereas the Russians have had done the same thing they went against the laws as they are not allowed to overthrow Czar Nicholas
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