Animal Farm-The hunger for power

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The Hunger for Power In kindergarten, many usually want to be the line leader. For some, leadership comes naturally and taking charge of things is what they like to do. For others, it is easier to stay in the shadows and let other people lead. However, this leads to problems when one person or group pirates power and uses it to one’s advantage. In the novel, Animal Farm, the author, George Orwell, creates a story where animals revolt and expel their neglectful owner, Farmer Jones, from the farm. The pigs slowly start to form a dictatorship and rule over the other animals. They make up rules that benefit the pigs alone. Two pigs that fight for power, Snowball and Napoleon, begin to use fear and manipulation to get what they want while they…show more content…
Then, pretty soon, the animals enter servitude under the pigs. Dictatorship corrupts because of the vanity and greed of the dictators. This shows how the pigs, as dictators of the other animals, use manipulation to benefit only themselves and their wants. They start to trick the animals, and slowly, they lead them under their power. The pigs demand special privileges for themselves and they start to tyrannize over the other animals until the animals pretty much do their work for barely enough food to keep them alive. Even though wise Old Major warns the pigs, they do not heed his words and instead the meaning of, “All animals are equal,” goes to waste when the pigs turn it around and make rules and privileges to benefit the pigs’ selfish wants” (Orwell 11). The pigs’ greed for power shows when they start to follow in the footsteps of the human, Farmer Jones, who they successfully overthrow in the animals’ revolution. The hostile gap between animals and humans clearly shows in Orwell’s novel, especially during the revolution on animal farm. The animals’ enemies are the humans, and vice versa, because each group covets the other group’s power. They each want that power for themselves. Both the pigs and the humans show a hunger for power and dictatorship. “…pigs and humans may come to look the same at the end, but they are still essentially enemies and share only a greed for power” (Letemendia 133).

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