Animal Farm-WWII Propaganda: How Did It Work?

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Freedom is a very valuable thing, sometimes taken for granted. Some people desire freedom for the right reasons, and some people desire it for their own self-seeking reasons. Every country has their own rules, government, and leaders. Of course, the leadership in Russia during WWII was very harsh and malevolent compared to our government now. George Orwell used symbolism in his American classic Animal Farm to demonstrate how communism affected people, more specifically during WWII. There are a plethora of similar things between the leader in Animal Farm, Squealer, and the second in command Nazi leader, Joseph Goebbell. Squealer and Goebbell’s following of people was so strong in numbers because of the manipulation and exaggeration used to keep the citizens enthralled, which led to a catastrophic downfall. Manipulation played a significant role in both Animal Farm and WWII. Squealer and Goebbell used this tactic to take control of every one. Both leaders promised prosperity and good fortune. That’s what the citizens and animals in the war and on the farm believed and wanted. They felt so mistreated before, that when someone came along like Squealer and Goebbell, they believed every word from their mouths. The leaders manipulated their citizens because they knew they were weak. The citizens were promised so much freedom, that it changed their mindset, not realizing what it would take to get to that freedom. The false promises and disappointment caused many people
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