Animal Farm, by George Orwell Essay

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The English language is one of the most complex languages known to man. Words, sentences, and ideas can be built and misconstrued because of the language’s depth. In the novel Animal Farm, the head pigs in charge, Napoleon, twists words in order to gain control and power over the entire farm. The Manor Farm transforms from the totalitarian rule of Mr. Jones, a mean farmer who feeds his animals meager portions, to Napoleon, a pig that will have you liquidated for a bottle of liquor. Language is used as a means of social control because of its irony, it changes, and it’s illegible by some. Irony is the first reason that language may be used as a form of social control. Many words have double meanings, for example: break, spread, dress,…show more content…
Just like Mr. Jones, Napoleon rationed the animals’ food supply until they rebuilt the windmill. The Ministry of Plenty rationed the citizen’s chocolate supply and other items because it was easier t control the poor and wealth, as opposed to the wealthy and powerful. Next, the fact that a language changes makes it another means of social control. The rules in Animal Farm were concrete until Napoleon and his posse became rulers of Animal Farm. In the beginning, the rules stated that: Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy, whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend, no animal shall wear clothes, no animal shall sleep in a bed, no animal shall drink alcohol, no animal shall kill another animal and all animals are created equal. Napoleon revises the rules in order to suit his needs. For example, the pigs change the last rule, all animals are created equal, to all animals are crated equal, but some animals are more equal than others. He also breaks many of them in order to ascend to the highest position on the farm. Also, the rules fairly mimic the 10 Commandments with a twist on each one. In conjunction, the Ministry of Truth constantly rewrote history in order to fit the Parties’ doctrine. If Big Brother makes a prediction that proves inaccurate, the Ministry of Truth rewrites all media to make it seem as if Big Brother was

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