Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Imagine you were an animal who was kind and hard working but was neglected by your owners. How would that make you feel? The animals in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, a satirical novel written about communist Russia, felt sad and neglected because their owners did not treat them with respect. The big pig named Old Major puts the idea in the animals head that they are not being treated poorly and they should do something about it. After Old Major dies, the animals overthrow Farmer Jones. Once the animals are on their own, the pigs take over and become the leaders. They create a new form of government which is called “Animalism” where all the animals are equal. At first the animals are happy but as time progresses the pigs start abusing their power and start acting like humans. The pigs and in particular Napoleon do not care about the well being of the other animals. Then they start stealing all the milk, and rewriting the history to suit themselves. In addition, the pigs order alcohol have parties, and they use the farm for their own selfish reasons and don't care about the other animals. Animal farm represents the sad results of a failed utopia, just as it happened over and over in history. Orwell uses symbolism, Irony, modern fable, and character foil to add richness and depth to the fable. 3.25/5 There are many symbols in Animal Farm which help the reader understand the allusions to Soviet Russia. One of these symbols is the windmill, which symbolizes industrial Russia

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