Animal Fashions In The Fashion Industry

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Animal fur and skin started being used centuries ago. It started as a functional material however in time animal provided materials became a statement for high-end fashion. Veganism movement started 70 years ago however only got popular last year. It is lead by 14 to 34 years olds aka millennial. Fashion evolves and something new comes to the market everyday. Lately, healthy lifestyle is very popular. The trend affected the fashion industry as well. Consumer became more aware of the harm, fashion industry puts on animals in order to use their fur and skin. Animals are hanged, bled to death and strangled with wire nooses. Each year around 31 million animal loses their lives Leather is on of the biggest animal product market in the fashion industry. However, it is one of the most brutal one. It can be made from couple different animals. Such as pic, goat, cow, sheep or kangaroos, alligators and snakes like exotic animals which are more on the expensive side. Chinese market also uses cats and dogs for leather production since the cost if lower when it’s compared to the other animals. Most of the leather products consumer sees on the market comes from China and India. Where are the places animals harmed the most. Another big market is the fur industry. Also most fur comes from China as well. The cheapest methods are used to kill the animals. Such as poisoning them, giving gas or electrocution method which an breathing creature should never experience. Fur industry harms
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