Animal Free Testing And The Failure Of Animal Testing

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Imagine being experimented on daily, only to result in being locked up in a enclosure with nothing and nobody. Envision being deprived, isolated and used over and over again. Undoubtedly, animals go through these situations constantly with nothing but themselves. Scientist develop theories and statements, with the aid of animals, for a better understanding of life threatening diseases, when in reality their experiments keep animals secluded and distressed. When confronted with animal cruelty many people have mixed emotions of disgust and rage which eventually leads to combat for justice. Although experiments executed on animals may be useful for understanding life threatening diseases, it is brutal and can proceed to failure of the experiment, as well as deprivation and isolation of the organism. Many experiments conducted result in failure for the examination and human lives. While some tests govern to success, the number of fails overpowers the number of accomplishments. For instance, according to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes (PMC), more than 96% of animal Testing operations develop faults and end in failure. Convincingly contending that many scientists continue to use this alternative when it is not a reliable source. Moreover, human lives have been in jeopardy when consuming animal tested advanced drugs. For example, in 2006, according to The 2015 Lush Prize Supporting Animal Free Testing, “In 2006, six men took a drug (known as TGN1412) in a
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