Animal Gopher 's Tissue System

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Animal gopher ‘s tissue was used in this experiment. This species was found in the Texas and it plays the important part in ecosystem. There are many different species of gopher in Texas and geographic barriers, preferences for different soil types, or other reason separates them. Paul Hebert at university of Guelph introduced DNA barcoding in 2003; scientists from around the globe have initiated an international barcode of life project that aims to establish a barcode for every species on earth to enhance the conservation of biodiversity. For almost all animal groups including many fishes, birds and mammals, agene region that encodes for the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase 1 is used for identification. This region can be amplified through polymerase chain reaction and is 710bp length. Once amplified, the fragment can be purified and sequenced, giving it a unique barcode, which is deposited, in NCBI gene bank, a public DNA sequences database. Barcodes can be used not only for simple identification of individuals, but when multiple individuals from different populations are barcoded, those data can be combined to help answer population genetic questions, and to infer the evolutionary history of those population.
• What is the genetic diversity within and between different populations of gophers?
• What is phylogenetic relationship between different species within the genus Geomys?
• Is there any evidence for additional, unknown diversity within Geomys?
Cytochrome-b has

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