Animal Hunting And Its Effects On The Environment

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This will also have a substantial effect on the environment and the Earth is already overpopulated as it is, this is clearly seen in different parts of the world. Cities go on for miles without any greenery and are overcrowded, roads look disgusting as there are so many cars on the road polluting the atmosphere and if the population increases even more, there will be more cars on roads which will cause even more air pollution in the atmosphere which means that plants and other species will die as the atmosphere will be so toxic or it could potentially introduce new diseases or cancers. Wild animals could also gradually die out and become extinct because of environmental destruction because the humans would be destroying their habitats and also due to over hunting animals. Animal hunting is a very popular activity to do and if there is a higher population, more people will be killing animals which is another factor that will cause the wild animals to gradually die out. Siberian tigers have been classed by the IUCN as being endangered. There are approximately 300 Siberian tigers left in the wilderness in the regions of China and North Korea and the factors that are influencing the lives of these tigers are due to humans capturing, hunting or the killing of the tigers and habitat loss due to humans constructing more buildings or cutting down trees to use for vital everyday things such as fences, buildings, shelves, desks and books. Overpopulation would start affecting many
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