Animal Injustice: A Case Of Animal Abuse

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Animal abuse
Pam was looking at an ad on Craigslist and she saw a friend that she recognized, a 22-year old mare and her little colt. Pam had met Callie a few years back but saw the tumor hanging from her vulva. Pam wanted to see the colt and she went and discovered that Callie was not with the same owners and that they had sold her for a “good deal.” The new owners had only bought Callie to use her as a breeder like at a puppy mill but for farm animals. Pam told the new owners that she would take the colt if Callie could come for free. So Pam got the both of them. She immediately took them over to the rescue center for help. When the rescue team saw the tumor on Callie, they took her to emergency surgery to get the one pound mass removed. They tested the mass for cancer and the results came back positive. Callie had cancer, so the vet would keep giving her chemotherapy until the cancer was gone.
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It is against the law to be cruel to animals or even one’s own pets. It is called animal abuse or neglect. Some research shows that animal abuse is happening all over the world. For example, just to make products like feather pillows, ducks and geese are forced to stay still while all of their feathers and down are plucked from their bodies. Sometimes this results in injuries, which are then stitched up with no
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