Animal Life Cycle

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A major key to the life cycle is dealing with animals and our food sources. After land pollution s starting coming around and getting bigger and bigger the cycle of life started to change.

Starting off with our environment, when there is too much pollution the rain cycle begins to change. If the earth gets less and less rain the ecosystem gets messed up. After not having a lot of rain for a while the plants and trees start to die off. Once the trees and plants start to die the animals that eat the plants will start to die, after those animals start to die the bigger animals will start to die and the cycle will keep happening. After all the animals die humans will have nothing to eat therefore we will end off dyeing off as well.

Secondly with all the litter getting caught up in the soil human health is declining. After a bunch of toxins from litter get into our soil a lot worse things can and will happen. After the soil is contaminated the vegetables grown there will make the consumers sick. Some consumers will have major health risks after eating contaminated food from toxic soils such as skin cancer and repertory problems.
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Nobody wants to visit a town that is covered in garbage. Since the town is loosing visitors the government is loosing money on your town. Once your town starts loosing money things such as tax dollars will rise and rise until everyone ends up moving out because they simply cannot afford to live there anymore.

To close you should never litter because land pollution will ruin not only your environment but also your body and cost you more
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