Animal Overpopulation Research

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When I started this course, I was a bit overconfident, and I thought that there was no way possible I was going to learn anything new in this course. I’m an animal science major, so I thought I had learned everything that there is to now. This course, however, has offered me a different view on a lot of issues especially the topic of overpopulation. I have a pre-vet concentration so in a lot of my other animal science classes I try not to involve my emotions in certain medical procedures; however, when we began to discuss euthanasia as a solution to overpopulation I grew quite emotional. This class taught me to gather information so that you can gain an informed decision. I was driven to look for more information. Every year 7,600,00 animals enter the shelter, and of those animals approximately 2,700,000 are euthanized. These numbers were shocking to me; I thought that no kill shelters were on the rise and I wondered with a heavy heart why so many healthy animals were still euthanized each year. In lecture and through further…show more content…
I cannot imagine her spending her entire life locked in an animal shelter. It made me think of what happens to shelter animals that are “unadoptable.” After watching the videos and learning all of the above information my opinion on euthanasia and animal overpopulation changed completely. Initially, I believed that all shelters should be no kill and that we needed to do away with euthanizing healthy animals. Now that I am more informed on the issue I understand that no one enjoys euthanizing animals, but right now it is the best method we have to help lower the population of unwanted animals. I think that we need to continue to try and find ways to lower the amount of animals that are being bred, accidental litters that occur and try to increase animal adoption
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