Animal Population Increase: Crowed Shelters May Lead to Euthanization of Healther Pets

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Did you know at least 7,000 animals are euthanized each year? Dogs, cats, and many other pets are abandoned every day. Animal shelters take in over 100 pets every day and have to euthanize twice as many the next. How can we minimize the amount of animals being euthanized? The overcrowded animal shelters and the constant euthanasia can be prevented by creating bigger facilities, spaying and neutering pets, and advertising adoption day more effectively. If we create bigger facilities that can hold more animals, less of them will be euthanized. Where can we find the money to do this? If animal shelters have bake sales or some type of weekly funding it would be profitable to all animal shelter organizations. One animal shelter had an adoption fair where families could meet the animals and participate in games in order to get a better feel of the animal they are thinking about adopting. Doing so increased the adoption rate by 5%. Although this may seem like it isn’t a lot, because of this fair, there were more animals getting adopted and less being euthanized. Partnering with large-scale Pet companies could also help.
Chris Van Home from NBC, states that, “animal shelters are so crowded they may now have to euthanize healthy pets.” 560 animals have been brought to The Fort Worth shelter in the past week. The capacity of the shelter is 500 animals; however they receive, at the minimum, 50 animals a day. This means within 5 days the animal shelter is completely full. With the
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