Animal Research : Animal Testing

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JT Forster Foster 1 Mr. Malcolm English 11 07/31/2013 Animal Testing Imagine being poked and prodded with a needle, all to test for a new drug against bacteria. Would that be okay if the medicine being used would eventually save countless lives? This is the one of the many issues behind the debate that is animal research. Some people argue for models, taking the use of animals completely out of the research equation, while others advocate the continued use of animals, only if a standard level of care is set. Ever since the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s, animal research has been under extreme fire for what they do. This is mainly due to the many changing perspectives on the relationship between humans and the other aspects of the world that are surrounding them. There are many main reasons for this change, but the main reason is the different ideas that surrounded the use and exploration of animals in laboratories is what is being brought into question. The reasons for this becomes even more clearer when the time period gets examined. Close to the time when the fight against animal research was taken up, there was huge growth in almost all of the areas of the scientific world, which caused a huge increase in the knowledge known about the world. The spread of ideas was spread very quickly through new advances in technology that came along. This ensured that everything bestowed by the
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