Animal Rights Against Animals

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magine eating a delicious piece of bacon with the fat juice dripping off while biting into the bacon, it crunches. Now imagine the pig that the bacon came from. An innocent creature now has been shocked with electric prods, had its throat cut, and has bled out to death. Pigs are not the only creatures to suffer such a despicable death. Animals like sheep, cows, chickens, and goats are slaughtered for their meat. The animals are all butchered in a place called a slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouses are horrible places where humans believe they have the right to treat animals any way they want as long as they get the meat they need. People who eat meat need to understand what happens to an animal before it winds up on a plate.Animals can not defend themselves against humans. Therefore, someone else must defend the animals. Slaughterhouses must be stopped.
Slaughterhouses are the cheapest ways for humans to get meat. Rather than paying large sums of money to put the animals down humanely, they are just murdered. Animals are separated in slaughterhouses from their families after being with them for weeks. Imagine one never getting to know his mother, then being ripped away from their child, while trying to manage to survive.Animals should have rights just like humans do. Animals’ hearts beat just like any human’s.If animals have to be raised and die, they should not suffer. Most animal's natural instincts are to protect their children, and that is ripped away from them with their
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