Animal Rights And Human Rights

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Animal rights is a very controversial topic in today’s world. This controversy began back in 1975 when Peter Singer’s novel Animal Liberation was published. In the book, Singer explains the issues we still face at the top of animal protectionism today. Although Singer and his theories enlightened a lot of people of animal protectionism, he actually did not start the animal rights debate. People started questioning the status of animals all the way back to ancient Greece. Some people in these times such as Pythagoras, the great mathematician, chose to live as a vegetarian because he believed animals deserved different protections. We now know humans have been fighting for animal rights for longer than expected. Although many people believe that the legislation of animal rights is more than necessary, others can argue that human rights come before animal rights. We will start our debate with the views of those who favor animals rights. The whole idea is founded on the belief that non-human animals have the same interests and rights as human beings. Animal rights activists seek to include non-human animals in the same moral community that humans belong. The movement is trying to encourage others to respect and consider the interests of a non-human animal in the same way they would a human’s interests. In reality, adopting animal rights would mean non-human animals would not be used in the process of making food, clothing, entertainment, or for experimentation. People who
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