Animal Rights And The Ethical Treatment Of Animals

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Most people will step on an insect without a second thought while ordering a double-double at In-N-Out. There is a vocal minority of people who will not step on that insect, but order a grilled cheese at the very same In-N-Out. There is an even smaller minority who will not even order the cheese because a cow had to produce milk to make the cheese. The subject of animal rights incites heated debates. On one end of the spectrum would be animal rights organizations like People for the Ethical treatment of Animals or PETA for short. PETA takes a stance against any use of any animal, even using silk from silk worms. According to this organization, the only tolerable use of an animal is a neutered companion pet in the backyard. On the other end of the spectrum would be the people like the infamous dentist, Walter Palmer, who paid thousands of dollars to African hunting guides to lure a lion off an animal preserve in order to shoot it. Palmer then had the lion stuffed and mounted to a board by a taxidermist to remember his kill. Most Americans ' beliefs fall somewhere in between Palmer and PETA. Animals should be used for the betterment of humans. In turn, humans should treat animals humanly and respectfully. There are a few categories regarding animal rights that are debated: factory farming, veganism/vegetarianism, the overpopulation of companion animals, animal testing, and the use of animals for entertainment such as racing, fighting, zoos, and circuses. One of the greatest…
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