Animal Rights And Vegan / Vegetarianism

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Animal rights & Vegan/Vegetarianism There are many questions that began to surface when analyzing the topic I chose for this project. I wanted to find the correlation between animal rights and Vegan/Vegetarianism. The following questions are the ones I found most important in finding this correlation. What does eating ethically mean in the context of animal rights? Do these ethics influence ones choice to become or not become vegan/vegetarian? Finally, how can we better prioritize eating ethically as human beings? Food is an essential part our lives, and we all have a set of values that we try to embody in as many ways possible. For example, we might choose to not shop at certain stores because they exploit women or we might choose to buy recycled goods because we support sustainability. Typically however, we do not see our values translated into our food consumption. There is a saying, “you are what you eat”; in an average setting most people would not condone violence against animals, yet people continue to support factory farms who practice animal violence. We put such large emphasis on doing things ethically. We want to be seen as ethical people, who don’t lie, steal or cheat. We go to a mechanic who practices ethical business because we know they wont scam us. It is important to us that our teachers be ethical when teaching our children. Our farmers, however, are not pressured to be ethical, nor are we pressured to eat ethically. This idea of eating ethically is
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