Animal Rights In Australia

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My research question is, ‘should it be legal to use animals for entertainment and recreational activities in Australia?’ This question is appropriate for me to investigate as I am passionate about the care and treatment of animals. Cruelty to animals is the human infliction of pain or harm upon an animal, for purposes unrelated to self-defence. I aspire to gain insight into the entertainment industry and their standards towards animal treatment. I would like to see changes in this industry and see regulations that ensure animals are treated ethically or not participating at all. Overall, I wish to spread awareness about an unethical industry with outdated values regarding the rights of animals. The capability I have chosen to focus on is ‘ethical…show more content…
How are animals currently used for entertainment legally? 1.1-What animals are most commonly used for entertainment? 1.2-What are the specific sports/entertainment events? 1.3-What acts in animal entertainment and sports are legal in Australia? Who set the animal right laws and how are they enforced in Australia? 2.1-Who is involved in setting laws in Australia? 2.2-How are animal right laws enforced in Australia? What percentage of the community is for/against animals being used for entertainment purposes? 3.1-What are community opinions for animals being used for entertainment purposes? 3.2-What are community opinions against animals being used for entertainment purposes? Planning Exemplars- Page 2 Lotus Diagram Involvement Attended events Existing laws Farming Universal declaration on animal welfare Education Warrant procedures Wrestling Kangaroo…show more content…
(1985). Animal Welfare Act 1985. [online] Available at: [accessed 13 Oct. 2015]. Key Findings: As mentioned in the document, ‘anyone associated with the organization of prohibited activity, allows the prohibited activity to occur on premises owned by him or her, or knowingly provides an animal to an animal fight such as bull/dog/cockfighting is an offence and will be given a maximum penalty of $20 000 or imprisonment for 2 years’ (South Australian Current Acts, 1985). This recognises the punishment for illegal fighting mentioned under the key finding ‘how are animals currently used for sport/entertainment both legally/ illegally?’, specific to subtopic 1.4. Additionally, ‘wrestling, fighting, mentally or physically harassing an animal, including but not limited to, elephants, big cats, lions, bears, primates, tigers, camels, monkeys, leopards, horses, and dogs is prohibited’ (South Australian Current Acts, 1985). The punishment for violating this regulation is identical with the previously stated
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