Animal Rights : Respect And Feelings Are Within All Living Things

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Animal Rights: Respect and Feelings are within all living things Animals are living creatures with feelings, emotions, and intelligence. We even have animals as pets because they bring us joy, love, affection, and give people company when people find themselves alone. Animals do not have voices to express their feelings and demand respect so we humans often take advantage of them. We share a world with many different species. Over time Humans have gained power over all living creatures and have took away from others. Humans have full control of many situations and have the upper hand in many cases. I feel that animals deserve respect, and deserve laws in order to protect them. If a human kills another human, that human will go to jail…show more content…
It is just like putting an 18 year old boy against a 6 year old boy, the chances of the 6 year old boy to be able to defend himself are unlikely since the 18 year old has the upper hand. There will always be people that agree and there will be those that do not agree, this world would be pretty boring if everyone agreed on the same thing. The fun part about someone disagreeing is that they can be educated and also brought to what is right. In this case philosopher Rene Descartes point of view is respected but it is also very disrupting how an individual can have that view towards a creature in the way that Rene Descartes has. Rene Descartes stated that “animals cannot reason and do not feel pain; animals are living organic creatures, but they are automata, like mechanical robots. Descartes held that only humans are conscious, have minds and souls, can learn and have language and therefore only humans are deserving of compassion” ( It is absolutely sad and concerning how an individual can come to that conclusion without testing it. Someone can go up to a dog, pet the dog and the dog will react to it, the dog will be pleased and enjoy it, because the dog feels a satisfaction which is developed by feelings. If you hit a dog, the dog will cry, and will

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