Animal Rights Should Be Afforded On The Basis Of Morality

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Animal Rights Although there may be many arguments regarding the proper treatment of animals, rights are a major concern. Humans have domain over animals and therefore act in a responsible way towards them. Affording animals certain rights would improve their living conditions as well as human’s conditions, and increase the awareness of the consequences humans may face due to their maltreatment. Animal rights should be afforded on the basis of morality. As a society of moral and just people, it would be wrong to mistreat animals. The treatment of these animals must be protected by some form of rights. Different animals are consumed by humans in different countries. The animals which are socially acceptable for human consumption vary among…show more content…
Yet animals are affected in many other ways. Animals are being raised solely for human consumption. The animals are raised in overcrowded conditions, kept on dirty conditions, and bred unnaturally. Most Americans would not stand for this treatment of their pets, such as dogs and cats, there should be no difference for other animals. Furthermore, many of the conditions in which animals for human consumption are being raised in would be illegal if imposed on a dog or cat. In the spirit of thanksgiving, the conditions of turkeys shall be highlighted. Wild turkeys live, on average, twelve years and weigh about eighteen pounds. Sadly, farm-raised turkeys live approximately four and a half months and weigh thirty-five pounds. In the wild, turkeys value their family. In fact, turkey brothers stay together for the entirety of their lives. In contrast, turkeys raised on a farm for human consumption are mixed up and treated as a product on a conveyor belt, literally. Animals are being removed from their natural habitats; they are being reproduced and raised on farms for mass production. During this process, the conditions may be poor, chemicals and genetic mutations often take place. All for the benefit of humans, or what is seems. There are many studies and reports outlining the negative impacts of these farms. With stricter rights imposed on animals, society’s health may actually see improvements and
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